What’s Pim In Hockey

What's Pim In Hockey

If I was ever asked to say one notable thing about notable I’ll talk uncontrollably about how they always try to bend the rules to give their team an advantage to win any match. In the process of bending rules they often break the rules and are called for a penalty that they need to leave the game for a specified amount of time. This specified amount of time is calculated cumulatively for players over a game and a season under the abbreviation PIM. 


What does PIM in hockey stats stand for?

PIM is simply an acronym for (Penalty Infraction Minutes) but commonly seen by many as Penalty Minutes. PIM is the cumulative total of time that a player has spent in the penalty box due to on ice infractions and is calculated by game and by season.

Penalized versus non-penalized infractions

Just like every other sport let’s use football as a case study whenever a rule is broken in hockey the referee is obligated to blow the whistle. However, the outcome of what happens after the whistle is being blown depends on what rule was broken as in sports there are different penalties for different occurrence. Breaking some certain rules in a game might land you a penalty whilst others won’t land you any.

For example, non-penalized infractions includes icing, offsides, and hand passes.


While serious infractions like tripping, high-sticking, slashing, and fighting are penalized. Penalized means that you will have to go sit in the penalty box for a certain amount of time and your team is not allowed to substitute a player for you. The consequence is that your team will have to play shorthanded (have one less player on the ice) for the time you are in the penalty box.

There are different types of penalties a player can get. Each of these penalties have a different amount of time set for them, which will add to the cumulative total of the PIMs for the player and team.

Five Types of Penalties

  1. Minor
  2. Major
  3. Match
  4. Misconduct
  5. Penalty shot


If you’ve been wondering what pim is in hockey I believe this post has covered everything you need to know about what pim is in hockey and I have also ensured to shade more light on penalties in hockey and this post has also comprehensively covered the major types of game offenses that are punishable and moreso game offenses that can be left to go without a penalty.

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