What does the letter “A” on hockey jerseys mean?

If you’re new to hockey I guess you’ll be struggling to understand why some players in some hockey game wear the later “A”! Is it just there for fashion? A lot of us as old time hockey lovers also never bothered if that means anything until it became too obvious.

In this post I would explain all you need to know about what the letter “A” stands for in a hockey game.

What does the letter “A” on hockey jerseys mean?

In ice hockey, the letter “A” on a player’s jersey simply stands for “Alternate Captain.” The Alternate Captain is one of the team leaders, and they assist the team captain in various on-ice responsibilities, such as communicating with the referees, providing leadership in the locker room, and often serving as a liaison between the players and coaching staff.


Each team can have one captain and up to two alternate captains on the ice at any given time during a game. The captain is typically designated with a “C” on their jersey, while the alternate captains wear an “A.” The captain and alternate captains are chosen for their leadership qualities, experience, and ability to motivate and communicate effectively with their teammates.


It’s important to note that the rules and traditions regarding captaincy and alternate captains may vary slightly between different hockey leagues and organizations. Still, the use of the “C” and “A” on jerseys to designate team leadership roles is a common practice in ice hockey at various levels, including the National Hockey League (NHL).


The letter “A” on a hockey jersey means alternate captain and they are not found on all hockey games in certain cases sometimes they are put in a game prior to the absence of a teams captain.

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