Start a Video Blog (Vlog) And Make Money: How and What to Use

Start a Video Blog (Vlogging) is a potent tool for making connections with others and developing a personal brand. However, if you just post your video blog on external websites like YouTube, it could be difficult for you to expand your following, earn money, and establish yourself as a successful vlogger.

We’ll explain how to create a video blog and earn money in this article.

Which Website Builder Is Best for Your Video Blog?

You may construct a video blog site using a variety of website builders, but we advise utilizing WordPress and a different video hosting service.

WordPress software comes in two flavors: and, sometimes known as “self-hosted WordPress,” is what we advise utilizing. You will then have complete ownership and management over your website.

You may add third-party plugins and templates to your blog, many of which are made with vloggers in mind.

Additionally, even though you may upload movies to WordPress, it is far preferable to utilize a different video hosting service like YouTube or Vimeo.

Videos use up a lot of your hosting resources, which causes your website to load slowly. Instead, we advise putting your video blog on a different hosting service like YouTube or Vimeo, which has all the server power you require.

You can then embed your vlogs in a WordPress page or post by simply copying and pasting a link after posting your videos to one of these sites. The majority of the top video hosting services are already supported by WordPress.

Use a plugin like Smash Balloon to build a video feed that will refresh automatically each time you publish a new vlog if you truly want to save time and amaze your audience.

Don’t worry if you don’t already have a platform in mind for hosting videos. We’ll assist you in locating the ideal vlog platform later on in this guide.

Step 1: Configuring Your Website for a Video Blog

You’ll need web hosting and a domain name in order to build a video vlog.

Although the WordPress software is free, the fees associated with hosting and domain names may quickly mount.

Typically, a domain name costs $14.99 per year, and monthly hosting fees start at $7.99. This is a lot for beginning makers, hobby vloggers, or anyone on a limited budget.

Thank goodness Bluehost has consented to provide our customers with almost 60% off site hosting as part of this deal, as well as a free SSL certificate.

Thank goodness Bluehost has consented to provide our customers with almost 60% off site hosting as part of this deal, as well as a free SSL certificate. If you want to sell premium videos and earn money from your vlogs, this is a need. When you sign up, you will also receive a free domain name!

Once the transaction is complete, you’ll get an email with login information for your web hosting control panel. The dashboard for your hosting account is where you can control your vlog, set up email alerts, and contact WordPress support if necessary.

The WordPress software will also be installed there, so let’s do that immediately.

Step 2: Install WordPress on Your Video Blog

Using our link to sign up for Bluehost will get you access to a one-click WordPress setup. Simply sign in to Bluehost and select “One Click Install.”

Step 3: Choose a video theme

WordPress themes are custom-made templates that alter the way your website appears and functions.

There are many various WordPress business themes available, both paid and unpaid. These fall into one of two categories: specialty sector themes or WordPress multipurpose themes. However, the majority of WordPress themes are made to display text.

We need a theme made especially for videos as we’re launching a vlog.


Embed videos take awhile to load even if you’re using a different video hosting service. In light of this, it’s crucial to choose a lightweight theme that won’t make your website load slowly. Additionally, wherever practical, we advise adopting a theme with integrated lazy loading.

Additionally, vlogs frequently require unique features like full-screen video backdrops, parallax scrolling, and lightbox popups.

After installing a theme, you may want to customize it by going to Appearance » Customize in the WordPress dashboard. This will launch the theme customizer where you can fine-tune the theme settings and see your changes in the live preview.

after setting everything well then you monetize it

Step 4. How to Make Money From Your Video Vlogs

Creating lots of quality, engaging vlogs takes a lot of time and effort, so you may want to make money from your videos.

If you’ve created a contact form, then potential sponsors and partners already have a way to contact you, which is a great start. However, there are lots more ways to make money online with WordPress.

Here are some of the best ways to make money from your vlog.

1. Google AdSense

There are many reasons why it’s smart to embed videos on your own website, rather than simply uploading them to platforms like YouTube.

One major benefit is that you can show Google AdSense ads next to your videos.

Google serves as a go-between when you sign up for Google AdSense, connecting you with the advertiser. Google enables marketers to bid for keywords that match your content so that you don’t have to search for the best partners for your vlog. This enables you to negotiate the best prices for the advertisements on your vlogging website.

2. Affiliate promotion

By promoting goods and services to their audience, many vloggers earn money. For instance, a lot of lifestyle vloggers record films of their everyday routines showcasing their preferred cosmetics or exercise equipment.

You may make money each time a visitor uses your advice to buy a product or service by using affiliate links.

It’s a good idea to just suggest high-quality products that you currently use and rely on for the greatest outcomes. You will tarnish your band’s reputation and almost likely lose viewers if you urge your audience to purchase subpar or fraudulent goods.

There are several WordPress plugins and tools for affiliate marketing that may help you earn money by advertising affiliate items, but for vloggers in particular, we heartily recommend ThirstyAffiliates or PrettyLinks.

3. Request gratuities and donations

Your viewers could wish to support your efforts as a vlogger if you have a strong, good rapport with them. This is especially true if you’re just starting out or a hobby vlogger.

Although contribution forms are often used by non-profits, some vloggers make use of them so that their audience may support their efforts. These forms are frequently labeled “buy me a beer” or “buy me a coffee.”

4. Publish a membership website

Most of the time, you’ll want your video blog to be accessible to everyone so you can expand your following and acquire as many views as you can.

However, some vloggers might prefer to use WordPress to build a video membership website. This enables consumers to pay for various benefits like early access to the newest video blog, premium members-only videos, or unique live streaming.

A members-only forum, blog postings, or the opportunity to interact with you directly on channels like Discord are examples of additional benefits you may provide.

Using MemberPress to build a membership website is the simplest option. It allows you to take payments and is the best WordPress membership plugin on the market.


5. Selling Your Videos for Download

Your decision to offer some of your premium videos as downloads will depend on the type of vlogs you produce. If you’re a health and fitness YouTuber, for instance, you may make videos showing your subscribers various workout regimens.

This can be a method to make money off the audience your vlogs have given you in some markets.

The finest website for selling digital goods is Easy Digital Downloads. With Stripe, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, you can start accepting credit card payments right away.


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