Shell Nigeria Student Scholarship Programs 2023

Shell Nigeria Student Scholarship, there are two categories of the Scholarship Scheme, the National Merit Award (NM), open to Nigerian undergraduates and Areas of Operation Merit Award (AOM), for students from communities in which Shell Nigeria operates. Only first year students are eligible for the awards in both categories. Shell Nigeria has had this viewpoint since 1952.

Schemes for Awards

Graduate Fellowships

Niger Delta Postgraduate Fellowship 2022

The goal of the scholarship program is to give qualified students from these Niger Delta states access to postgraduate study opportunities in fields related to the oil and gas sector.

In the ten years of this program, 100 students have received full scholarships to attend prestigious colleges in the UK.

The following courses qualify for the award of scholarships at the three institutions:

Universities Degree
Imperial College London MSc Petroleum Engineering
MSc Applied Computational Science and Engineering
University of Abeerdeen MSc GeophysicsMSc Safety & Reliability Engineering for Oil & Gas
MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering
University of Leeds MSc Exploration Geophysics

eligibility requirements

Those who wish to apply for the scholarship must;

  • Display intellectual ability and leadership potential
  • Have an adequate standard of English (at least 6.5 in IELTS) and meet the College’s language requirement
  • Have been offered admission to study on one of the Eligible Courses at the College, having applied through the normal application process
  • Already hold (or expect to hold by the time of taking up the Scholarship) a degree of an equivalent standard to a UK Upper Second Class Honours degree
  • Must have completed the National Youth Service by September 2021
  • Be ordinarily resident in Rivers, Imo, Delta or Bayelsa State of Nigeria, and intend to return to Nigeria at the end of the period of study
  • Have not already had the chance to study in the UK or another developed country
  • Be aged between 21-28 years by 30/09/2021
  • Currently reside in Nigeria
  • Plan to return to Nigeria on completion of the proposed programme of study
  • Have a Nigerian international passport valid till December 2021

Application Method

  • Submit an application for admission to any of the participating universities for any of the qualifying courses.
  • Application forms for the scholarship will ONLY be available through the websites of the Imperial College London, the University of Leeds and the University of Aberdeen, following a formal offer of admission by the university.
  • The universities will process applications and select candidates who will attend interviews with SPDC before being considered for final selection.
  • Completed scholarship application forms must reach participating universities before March 22, 2021.

The scholarship will cover tuition; one economy return flight ticket from Nigeria to the UK, and a contribution towards living expenses only*.

  • *Please note that the stipends (living expenses) are based on the Association of Commonwealth Universities’ (ACU) published living rates and are limited to this only.
  • This is a non-committal scholarship.
  • SPDC will only provide medical insurance in line with UK Student Visa requirements.

College Scholarship Program

Education is one of the finest legacies to leave to people, communities, and society even if it requires a long-term investment and a long gestation time, as all parents and guardians readily concede. Shell Nigeria has had this viewpoint since 1952.

The Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) and Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCo) spent $14.8 million in scholarships in 2014.

secondary school scholarship

The Secondary School Scholarship Scheme aims to support students financially while also raising academic standards in host areas.

In fact, it has emerged as a welcome aspect of educational advancement, particularly in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region.

Scholarship from Cradle to Career

A comprehensive scholarship program called the Cradle-to-Career Scholarship offers talented students from underprivileged families the chance to enroll in prestigious secondary institutions in Nigeria.

There are two categories of the Scholarship Scheme;

  1. The SPDC JV Cradle-to-Career Scholarship scheme is managed by Shell Petroleum Development Company Limited (SPDC) on behalf of the joint venture. Started in 2010, candidates are selected from key Niger Delta States of Rivers, Bayelsa and Delta. Three hundred fifty (350) talented students are already enrolled in quality secondary schools.
  2. The National Cradle-to-Career Scholarship scheme is managed by Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company Limited (SNEPCo) on behalf of itself, its co-venture partners and the NNPC. The scheme is in its second year, with 60 beneficiaries already placed in very good private secondary schools.

The Shell Cradle-to-Career Scholarship in Nigeria has won numerous national and international awards.

Student Shell

In the 1950s, the Shell scholarship program got its start. offers prizes for qualified Nigerians studying in a variety of professions both inside and outside of Nigeria.

Many of them went back home to take up important positions in government, business, and industry.

Promoting Academic Excellence in Nigeria: Shell Scholars’ Forum

Shell had the foresight to consider future generations of Nigerians who would one day drive the growth of the newly independent country as it worked to produce and sell the first barrel of crude oil for Nigeria.

Building scholars, promoting digital transformation, and fostering growth and development in Nigeria are all components of the approach.

Have you ever received a scholarship from Shell? You belong to a special group! Register with the Shell Scholars’ Forum. A fantastic place for networking is the Shell Scholars’ place.

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