Russian Man Killed in Shark Attack off Egypt’s Red Sea Coast: Disturbing Video Circulates on Twitter

A shocking incident unfolded along the picturesque coast of Egypt’s Red Sea resort of Hurghada, as a Russian man tragically lost his life in a shark attack. The incident, which occurred on Thursday, has sparked concern among locals and tourists alike. A video capturing the harrowing attack has been circulating on social media, further amplifying the distressing nature of the event. As authorities investigate the incident and take preventive measures, the Red Sea coast remains closed to water activities until Sunday. This latest incident highlights the sporadic occurrence of shark attacks in the region, emphasizing the importance of beachgoer safety.

Details of the Attack

According to the Egyptian environment ministry, the victim fell prey to a tiger shark while swimming off the shores of Hurghada. The ministry released a statement confirming the fatality, but refrained from providing specific details about the incident. However, an unsettling video circulating online portrays the victim struggling in the water while repeatedly being attacked by a shark that circles around him before dragging him underwater.

Response and Investigation

Authorities swiftly reacted to the tragedy by closing a 74-kilometer stretch of coastline, effectively prohibiting swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities. The closure aims to ensure the safety of beachgoers while investigations into the incident are underway. The ministry has managed to capture the shark responsible for the attack and is currently conducting laboratory examinations to determine the factors contributing to this rare event.

Victim Identity and Consulate Confirmation

The Russian consulate in Hurghada has confirmed that the victim was a Russian citizen born in 1999. However, the man’s identity has not been publicly disclosed. The consul general, Viktor Voropayev, acknowledged the incident and stated that the victim was a permanent resident of Egypt. It is noteworthy that the victims involved in this attack were not tourists, but individuals residing in the country.

History of Shark Attacks in the Red Sea

Egypt’s Red Sea resorts, including Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, are renowned for their stunning beaches and are a popular destination for European tourists. The region attracts divers with its offshore reefs, which host a vibrant array of marine life. While shark attacks along the Red Sea coast are rare, this incident serves as a reminder of previous occurrences. In 2022, Hurghada experienced two fatal attacks in quick succession, resulting in the deaths of an Austrian and a Romanian tourist. Similarly, in 2018, a Czech tourist fell victim to a shark attack on a Red Sea beach, while a German tourist suffered the same fate in 2015. In 2010, a series of five attacks over five days near the coast of the tourist hotspot Sharm el-Sheikh claimed the life of a German man and injured four other foreign tourists.


The tragic shark attack off the coast of Hurghada has shocked both locals and tourists, highlighting the need for enhanced safety measures in the Red Sea region. Authorities have taken swift action by temporarily closing the coastline and conducting investigations into the incident. As the Egyptian authorities study the captured shark, it is hoped that valuable insights will be gained to prevent future occurrences. Visitors to Egypt’s Red Sea resorts are urged to remain cautious and adhere to safety guidelines to ensure their well-being while enjoying the natural wonders this region has to offer.

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