How to Make Money During NYSC Service: How and Where

Make Money is the process of obtain money by earning it or by making a profit. They couldn’t find work or make money in the cities.

For Nigerian Youth Service Corpers, earning money during their one (1) year NYSC program is the ideal experience. For Nigerian graduates, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a required volunteer program.

You would serve as a youth service corps member in a state other than your home or state of origin. Being in a foreign location can be difficult financially and in terms of lifestyle. Of fact, the monthly NYSC stipends are insufficient to meet your necessities. Many company members find it difficult to maintain a comfortable standard of living at their PPA.

To become financially independent, you must find ways to generate money during your NYSC service year. Additionally, the digital, manual, and business skills you pick up throughout your service year will enable you to become less dependent on occupations that don’t exist.

I’m confident that this post will be useful to you as you look for ways to earn money during your NYSC service year. If you have any inquiries or want any clarifications, please let me know. I’d be delighted to hear from you.

I hope your NYSC service year is amazing.

As a NYSC Corper, you may earn money

During your service year, there are three (3) methods to earn money as a Nigerian NYSC youth corper:

  • Business
  • Handwork
  • Digital Competencies


As a NYSC young corper, starting a profitable company is a great way to earn money. You may manage enterprises as a corper to make money. Your location and involvement at your place of principal assignment (PPA) will influence the trade you choose.

An NYSC corper in Benue State, for instance, may begin selling yam via transportation to important towns in Nigeria.

Additionally, there are local enterprises you may run that can bring in money.


The easiest method to earn money while serving in the NYSC youth corp is to learn profitable handwork.

Makeup, photography, and hairstyling are examples of manual labor that may pay very well. For corp members, having a talent before attending the NYSC orientation camp is more helpful.

Additionally, the handwork lessons provided during the orientation camp are a great chance for various kinds of corpers to master the craft.

Digital expertise

The easiest approach for a NYSC young corper to earn money throughout their service year is through digital skills. Digital talents are preferred since they don’t require as much physical labor and energy as manual labor or business.

Examples of digital competencies that NYSC youth service corp members should learn are;

For NYSC corpers, having digital abilities is convenient because they don’t call for physical presence. You may do business online from home.

Making Money During Your NYSC Service Year

The following are strategies for earning money throughout the NYSC service year through manual labor, digital skills, or company startup;

  1. Makeup Artistry
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Photography
  4. Blogging
  5. Sell Farm Produce
  6. Copywriting
  7. Video Editing
  8. Private Tutoring Teacher
  9. Programming
  10. Baking and Confectionery
  11. Web Design
  12. Vlogging
  13. Mini Importation Business
  14. Mobile App Development
  15. Data Analysis
  16. Video Animation
  17. Freelance Content Writing

Makeup Artistry

The most profitable craft to master as a young corper is makeup application. Women are not the only ones who can learn the talent. Male service members can work as makeup artists.

Applying cosmetics on the face to improve facial beauty is known as makeup artistry.

Nigerian women like dressing beautifully for occasions and picture shoots. They would pay a skilled artist’s asking fee if it was reasonable. A talented makeup artist is also hired by film directors, social media influencers, and skit creators.

You wouldn’t be distracted from your responsibilities at your NYSC primary placement (PPA) if you decided to become a cosmetics artist. Weekends are often when the employment are available, which is convenient for you.

Teaching individuals at your location the fundamentals of makeup artistry is another option for you to earn money as a makeup artist.

Graphic Design

In the digital world, graphic design is a lucrative talent for Nigerian NYSC corpers. Graphic design is the finest side business to learn to start throughout your service year.

Every advertisement and piece of information, from businesses to religious institutions, uses a pictorial representation. You can locate graphic designers’ banners on business gates and the street.

Creating graphics is a versatile digital ability. You may work whenever and wherever you choose. In addition to applying for jobs with local businesses, you may get freelance graphic design work on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, 99designs, etc.


In Nigeria, photography is a lucrative skill. Photographers serving in the NYSC Corps have several work options.

Photography is a thriving industry in Nigeria despite the technological improvement of smartphone cameras on gadgets like the iPhone and Samsung. In Nigeria, photographers are hired for photo sessions and occasions like weddings and other celebrations.

The growth of social media has expanded photography options. The greatest business for a NYSC youth corper to operate is photography because the jobs are often weekend-only and won’t interfere with your PPA work obligations.
Everyone now wants to upload the ideal photos on Facebook and Instagram.


The most lucrative strategy to earn money during your service year is to launch a specialist blog.

For NYSC youth corp members who love to write, it is the greatest choice.

Writing and posting material using a content management system (CMS), such as WordPress, Wix, Medium, etc., is known as blogging.

Google is used by everyone to look up solutions to their difficulties. You might begin writing articles as a young corper on subjects like finance, religion, relationships, gaming, education, etc.

A niche blog is a weblog that focuses on a certain subject, such a personal finance blog.

A domain name and hosting account are necessary for launching a specialty blog.

A successful blogger in Nigeria has to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

If you wish to start a blog, let me know in a comment. I will help you in whichever way you need.

Sell Farm Produce

Selling agricultural products is a lucrative enterprise that a NYSC youth corper might engage in.

You may have the chance to sell agricultural farm products like yam, tomatoes, garri, palm oil, etc. at your place of main assignment (PPA). Only service members can access this business opportunity in regions like the North where agricultural farm products are inexpensive.

For instance, a corper in Benue State can generate money by selling yam to Lagos.

Agricultural products may be sold thanks to Nigeria’s web of logistical companies. It implies that you can move agricultural products without making a trip. Meet the farmers to discuss pricing for bulk purchases to launch this company.

Then plan with carriers how to get the farm’s produce to your preferred location. Find out if the agricultural items you intend to offer are profitable and reliable.


The ability to sell items online to make money through written material is known as copywriting.

Nowadays, commercials either disgust or overwhelm consumers. It does increase many businesses’ potential for sales. For this reason, businesses pay authors who can persuade readers to buy their products.

You may earn money as a copywriter if you’re a NYSC youth corper with a love of writing. You would be in charge of creating marketing materials and sales copy.

Learning copywriting is a useful talent to have when serving your community. You may work for firms overseas from your place of principal assignment (PPA) thanks to the job options available for copywriters.

Video Editing

The ability to edit videos is profitable for NYSC youth corp members. During your service year, it is a certain method to generate some serious cash.

The idea behind video editing is that videos may be edited using computer software by cutting, adding effects, text, overlays, etc.

In the digital sphere, the development of video content is a growing industry. Over time, there have been more YouTubers and Vloggers.

To make their movies ideal for uploading online, makers of video content engage expert editors. You may operate as a freelance video editor online for companies and people that require your skills.

Another talent you may acquire to earn money is video animation and then do more research.

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