How to become Freelance Copywriter and Content Writer to make Money

Freelance copywriter and content writer has gone a long way to eradicate poverty in Nigeria. It has emerged from extensive study in books and the web as one of the most important digital skills in Nigeria. One of the top internet skills for wealth creation is this one.

Your understanding of how to work as a freelance copywriter and content writer in Nigeria will increase after reading this post.

Freelance Copywriter

Instead of being hired by a single organization, a freelancer works independently for multiple businesses. It also refers to the sale of goods or services.

Examples of freelance work include;

  • Graphic Designs
  • Copywriting
  • Affiliate Marketing, etc.

A copywriter is a person who uses writing skills to sell brands or services.

A freelance copywriter is an individual who composes a copy on an agreement or project basis for marketable goals.

For example, adverts, websites, digital media, or blog posts.

The copy will have a specific goal or purpose such as to convince, inform, or rank well in search engines like Google Search.

Freelance copywriters can work directly with clients or through an agency.

Freelance Content Writer

Someone who creates high-quality material for internet publication is known as a content writer.

In other terms, a content writer is someone who produces written material for businesses, both in print and online. He or she informs the public or advertises the goods (brands) or services they give.

One of their responsibilities also includes creating material that appropriately reflects the company’s values.

Every time they produce an article or a product description, content writers thoroughly research the subject.

A freelance content writer is someone who does not work on a regular income basis for one company but instead creates words, designs, performs, or sells labor or services.

Freelance Copywriter or Content Writer Skills

You need to have specific skills if you want to create freelance copy or content effectively.

Let’s concentrate on the six (6) abilities that a freelance copywriter should develop.

They include:

  • Writing Skills
  • Write to Deadlines
  • Research Skills
  • Understanding Your Audience
  • SEO Knowledge
  • Creativity

Writing Abilities

A freelance copywriter has to have strong writing abilities. You ought to be able to write persuasive copy. If you don’t have the information necessary for effective writing, you won’t succeed in business.

To Deadlines, Write

Writing properly is important for a freelance copywriter, but meeting deadlines is as crucial.

Research Methods

Without doing any research, you risk producing stale writing.

Always read to expand your knowledge.

Recognizing Your Market

Your top objective should be to please your audience.

It will help you maintain them if you can relate to them.

SEO expertise

Your familiarity with search engine optimization is essential. If you’re unaware of it or believe you’ve forgotten about it. Consider studying it.

Additionally, it helps to market your companies.

Here are the fundamental stages to understanding SEO.

  • Master keyword research.
  • Understand the distinction between on-page and off-page SEO.
  • Learn to identify UX signals.
  • Adopt SEO-friendly.
  • Learn about content creation.
  • Commence link building.

Once these steps are followed. You shall expertise on it.


As a freelance copywriter, you should be creative. What differs your copy from others is the uniqueness of your copy.

Skills of Content Writers

To make the most of your freelance writing profession, you should have the following talents.

Skills in accounting and business management

Before pursuing a career as a content writer, a freelancer should be able to assess and handle financial risks.

He or she should be able to forecast and predict money flows, promote business leaders on mergers and acquisitions, and examine the expenditure of goods or support.

Additionally, he or she must to be able to provide financially sound strategies that are supported by facts, etc.

Organizational and Time Management Skills

Management and organization are more crucial than we may realize. Time is your friend, but if you don’t use it wisely, it turns into your opponent.

especially when you produce well-written content, when you structure your material. The position rises in the list.

editing abilities

As a content writer, you shouldn’t take editing skills for granted.
Networking Techniques

This ability is also strong. when you are unfamiliar with social media or any other type of network media. Not too far, really.

Commerce Skills

As much as you aspire to be a freelance content writer, your financial skill shouldn’t be left out. Develop it.

Advantages of Freelance Copywriting in Nigeria

​Many advantages of being a freelance copywriter involve-

  • Creativity
  • Independence
  • Flexibility

Below are catchy reasons why you should aspire to be a freelance copywriter.

Become Your Own Manager or Boss

You will become your own boss if you become a copywriter.

No management from another company will be present to take money away from you for arriving late for work. You don’t need to freak out over your unpaid wages.

You work when you’re in the mood. Anywhere, at any time, you may work and be paid right now. There is no catch connected.

Your capacity for knowledge expansion

As you become a copywriter, you are already an expert. They play a crucial role in a company’s content strategy.

Your proficiency increases as you write more and more copies.

Identification and Transformation

You are so happy that you can now speak for an organization. Without you, they are unable to actively generate sales or provide services.

They will use you as their creative conduit, depending on the project’s direction.

Your Name is Recognized

It’s not crucial to rush into getting plenty of freelance copywriting jobs.

It won’t be simple for a newbie, but perseverance is the key.

You must put in the necessary time to gain the benefits of becoming an expert in any new employment.

Your name will appear at the bottom of several printed or digital publications, from product descriptions to political journalism, without your knowledge.

Right, it sounds excellent. Yes.

You Earn Cash Online

People want to be copywriters in order to make money online.

Prospective copywriters hope to get wealthy via the creation of effective copy. You achieve financial security so that you may take care of your family’s needs and enjoy life.

Like copywriting, freelance content writing provides a ton of benefits. As you are aware, they market content. It must be alluring.

Let’s first examine the value of content before I discuss the benefits of becoming a freelance content writer;

  • Blogs,
  • Websites,
  • Newspapers,
  • Magazines,

Commerce portals and other sources of information require quality content.

People find it interesting to read a blog, visit a website, buy newspapers and magazines to get information. Do you know why? It helps them live better lives and avoid dangers.

Given these facts, let’s look at the advantages of being a content writer. They are as follows:

You achieve financial stability

Writing content increases your wealth whether or not you already have a blog.

Having a blog or website and studying content writing, however, will increase your wealth.

You may work full-time, part-time, or even as a freelance content writer if you know how to create outstanding content.

It facilitates digital marketing

Learning content writing makes it simpler to participate in digital marketing operations.

To start a blog or website, for instance, you may easily identify a niche that corresponds to your interests or line of work.

Additionally, it’s simpler to find keywords and phrases utilizing that specialty that can help your content rank highly on Google and other search engines.

Do you know how effective digital marketing is?

It teaches you how to look for particular terms and phrases that are often searched both globally and locally.

It avoids legal issues

Being a content writer allows you to avoid legal crises, which is how it prevents legal issues.

The root causes of legal crises or issues are listed below.

Examples of content authoring offenses according to the law include:

  • Plagiarism.
  • Bluffing article
  • Objectionable language
  • Grammatical errors in content. Etc.

Enhance Your Research Skills

Making research is a worry of content writing.

The more you learn about a subject or piece of information, the more knowledgeable you become. Always choose information from trustworthy sources.

Additionally, receiving reader feedback encourages you to generate fresh ideas.

Good Vocabulary Use

Once you understand how to use terminology as a freelance content writer, you are already on the correct course.

Understand why?

It is because content writing is all about writing quality content. No plagiarism.

Since you have known all we need to know concerning freelance copywriters and content writers.

How to Become a Freelance Copywriter and Content Writer

Copywriting and content writing are both online marketing.

Copywriters sell their products and services, while content writers sell quality content.

Let’s talk about them one after the other.

How to Become a Freelance Copywriter

Becoming a freelance copywriter demands the following five (5) steps:

  • Discover Your Speciality
  • Increase Your Professional Knowledge
  • Written Communication
  • Time Management
  • Make Researching Your Habit

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